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Press Release: Pace International Expands Warehouse onto 7 Acres of Newly Purchased Property

Rochester, MN, Release: August 26, 2022. For Immediate Release

Telecommunications solutions and services distributor, Pace International, based in Rochester, Minnesota, announced that they have recently purchased over 7 acres of property with a 12,000-square-foot warehouse currently established on the property. This is the most recent building expansion since 2018 when Pace added an additional 18,000 square feet to their existing 49,000 square foot campus.

“It is exciting to see the current warehouse space at headquarters nearing capacity. We are thrilled to be expanding to accommodate this growth,” said Tim Deutsch, EVP of Sales at Pace International. “We purchased the land and existing warehouse with the intentions of utilizing the space as it currently is with plans to develop on it in the coming years. The 7+ acres of land promote a lot of opportunity for us and will allow us to continue growing.”

The existing headquarters includes office, meeting, call center, and warehouse spaces. The expansion will provide additional real estate to further expand the warehouse space which will allow Pace to continue to grow with the demand of its multi-faceted customers.

“We’re honored to be part of the economic growth that is taking place in Rochester,” said Eric Deutsch, VP of Finance at Pace International. “This is an exciting time to be part of this community.”

From the early days of the organization, Pace began as an electronics distributor focused primarily on providing small-town TV retailers and electronics companies with the inventory needed to fill their stores. Today, the organization maintains that unity with over 100 company members and thousands of relationships with operators, integrators, commercial, retail, and RV industry customers worldwide.

 “We are growing along with our customers, and we always focus on helping them in any manner possible,” said Pat Deutsch, CEO of Pace International. “It’s exciting to see where Pace is headed, and we could not have done this without the hard work and dedication from our employees.”

About the Company: Pace International is an industry-leading North American distributor, manufacturer, and value-added reseller of satellite, cable TV, home theater, audio, and telecommunications products. As an authorized national hardware and content distributor for (NASDAQ): DISH, Pace offers complete solutions that help telcos, operators, big box retailers, and mobile customers to provide content anywhere. Founded in 1972, Pace has been leading, simplifying, and supporting the telecommunications industry for 50 years from its headquarters in Rochester, MN. For more information, visit

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